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C.H.B.A.H. chooses MIPS (April 2013)

01 May 2013

C.H.B.A.H. (Centre Hospitalier du Bois de l'Abbaye et de Hesbaye) in Seraing has chosen MIPS to deliver a complete renewal of their LIS. The project includes the implementation of GLIMS, as well as CyberTrack and CyberLab.

The laboratory chose MIPS for 4 main reasons:

1. the excellent reputation of MIPS and its products,

2. the performance of the haemovigilance system,

3. the proven quality of CyberLab as a result viewer and as a tool for electronic order import,

4. and the possibilty to connect the lab functionally to other laboratories in the region, such as CHR Citadelle and CHU Liège, through GLIMS.

MIPS would like to thank the hospital for their trust and looks forward to a succesful collaboration in the implementation of the chosen solutions.