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Order Entry and Result Consultation

Secure solutions that keep you connected: CyberLab

For every laboratory, the watchwords are 'security' and 'transparency'. They are as important for communicating outside the lab, as for the internal processes handled by the LIS.

With our web-based CyberLab modules, ordering of exams and results reporting are transparent, secure and seamless. Hospitals across Europe are already using CyberLab to request laboratory tests electronically and to provide easy accessibility of results for clinicians.

CyberLab integrates with virtually any major laboratory information management system. Patients’ results can be viewed from within the hospital, or, with the appropriate authorization, from outside the hospital using the Internet. Orders can be entered directly; CyberLab can even manage the necessary labels for sample collection.

With CyberLab, we focus on creating advanced features that are nonetheless easy to use, so you get the most from your solution, while saving costs and time. The laboratory and its customers are more connected, strengthening relationships and enhancing quality of service and patient care.