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The UK’s leading provider of innovative, high performance LIMS solutions

Solutions aligned with the needs of the health community

40% of NHS hospital laboratories have successfully deployed our LIMS solutions

At the forefront of NHS and Department of Health initiatives

Adherence to all current and forthcoming legislation, mandates, protocols and processes

Enabling and facilitating the changes highlighted in Lord Carter's report

Solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of NHS networks

Next generation LIMS, WinPath Enterprise, at the heart of our solutions

74% NHS Trusts have successfully deployed ICE

Order Communications and Result Reporting solutions for Pathology, Radiology and beyond

Solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of the NHS networks

Pathology's IT partner of choice for service efficiency and patient care.

We are focused on supporting our customers through a period of radical change by continually enhancing and improving the products and services we offer. This long term, unique focus on the UK pathology market has enabled us to develop unrivalled solutions balancing the conflicting requirements of consolidation to drive service efficiency gains and de-centralisation to deliver patient-centric testing services.

UK market expertise

With more multi-site operations than any other LIMS provider in the UK, CliniSys has extensive experience of working with Trusts to develop and implement pathology networks to ensure that the investment in the network is realised in improved patient services and reduced costs. Some of these networks using the WinPath LIMS solution cover whole counties and are mission critical for maintaining a vital support service to ensure continuity of care for major hospitals, A&E Departments and emergency care.

Our ICE Order Communication and Result Reporting solution is also seen as market leading being installed in 74% of NHS trusts. Our ability to offer a truly integrated best of breed OCS & RR with our LIMS provides our customers with a proven and trusted end to end solution in line with modern healthcare requirements and workflows.

People - our biggest asset

Our UK-based team of over 200 personnel is dedicated to the development, delivery and support of pathology solutions to meet the needs of the UK and Irish markets. We employ and retain undisputed experts with the knowledge and experience to ensure that your new laboratory solution meets your unique existing and future objectives. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

Pathology Networking Discussion at the CliniSys National Conference

On the 7th & 8th November 2019, The Belfry played host to the CliniSys National User Group meeting, which once again saw a record attendance. The programme was spread over two days, with the first being focused on bringing together experts and opinion leaders who explored, debated and shared their experiences on pathology transformational change and the key role of IT in enabling networks.

While at the event, Simon Brewer, Managing Director of South West London Pathology gave an overview of the key success factors for creating a pathology network.


With 40% NHS market share in England and Scotland, the majority of labs in Northern Ireland using CliniSys software and 30% market share in Ireland, CliniSys products have been deployed the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland.

Map of UK sites