Logistics Manager

Managing the Specimen Journey

With the increasing prevalence of networked multi-sited pathology services, it becomes essential to minimise logistical delays and inefficiencies. How many times have you been unable to answer an urgent query on the location of a specimen in transit and plan for its urgent processing? With Logistics Manager, the location of the specimen will be known at all times which rules out the chance for specimens to be lost in transit. Accurate workload planning can only truly be achieved when the laboratory service is given advanced notice of the quantity, type and estimated time of arrival of specimens to the laboratory.

Logistics Manager enables the pathology service to take ownership of the specimen from GP and clinic collection to receipt in the laboratory. Combined with facilities for packaging/un-packaging of specimen and reconciliation with access to data from ordering systems, each step in the specimen’s journey can be clearly and accurately monitored. Users of Logistics Manager will also be able to utilise this data and undertake statistical analysis to identify areas for increased productivity with enhanced specimen reception workflows (LEAN).

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