Control Console

Optimised Service Monitoring and Management

In a busy 24 hour pathology service running across multiple sites, it is important that the laboratory management team has a centralised overview of the status of their operations, where they can view on a single screen a clear dashboard status of all the major components of the system. This reduces effort and unnecessary resource overheads. CliniSys' Control Console allows for proactive monitoring and alerting of issues, enabling system administrators to make decisions quickly on whether to stop, start or move processes before the issue has any impact upon the pathology service.  


PathManager Dashboards

Transforming Business Intelligence Through Real Time Performance Management

PathManager Dashboards provides a graphical real time view of key business metrics showing performance against service level agreements and turnaround times as well as a clear status of all the required key performance indicators.

This graphical application ensures an easy to interpret representation of required information which reduces effort and unnecessary resource overheads and allows for proactive monitoring and alerting of potential issues.


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