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Summer Conference Title 2

We are delighted to announce the launch of the inaugural CliniSys Digital Summer Conference 2020 and will be running a programme of webinars this summer over the months of July and August for all our customers.

This event programme will comprise of a series of bite sized webinars that will be up to an hour long.  You can attend one, several or all of the webinars that we have scheduled and we will also be recording them so you won’t have to miss out if work calls you away as it invariably does.

We’ll take the very best elements from past conferences and build on them for these on-line sessions. As previous CliniSys conference attendees will attest, the sessions will be rich in educational content and as we’ll be digital this time, we’ll also be able to provide added benefits such as interactive polling, ease of access and a recording of all sessions.

Our past events have covered a wide range of topics and have been a great opportunity for our customers to hear interesting speakers and to learn about new products and solutions. This summer’s programme of webinars is no exception and will provide you with the following:

  • The top diagnostics trends that CliniSys is seeing that will be affecting our customers in the next five years
  • Overview of recent Covid-19 related projects and solutions
  • Product strategy & roadmaps for ICE and WinPath Enterprise
  • New product and version launches with demonstrations of new features and functionality
  • System administration and discipline specific educational workshops covering frequently asked questions and including topics as requested from the recent customer survey
  • Special interest group sessions: Interactive discussion forum to help direct the future development of specific functional areas
  • Case studies: Hear insights and experiences of recent successful deployments
  • Educational company updates and what they mean to you 

We look forward to having you join our Digital Summer Conference 2020.


Webinar Schedule


Week 1

Tuesday 21st July | 10:30

Pathology and CliniSys Post Pandemic

Audience: All CliniSys customers
Speaker: Richard Craven, CEO

Overview of the top diagnostics trends that CliniSys is seeing that will be affecting our customers in the next five years. Can the Covid-19 pandemic provide us with lessons for the future?


Thursday 23rd July | 10:30

WinPath Enterprise Product Roadmap

Audience: All LIMS customers
Speaker: Andrew Kirby

An opportunity to understand the direction of our developmental strategy. Highlighting the latest development roadmaps for WinPath Enterprise


Friday 24th July | 10:30

WinPath v7.24 Launch

Audience: All LIMS customers
Speaker: Lee Webb

Detail of the many new features to be released within WinPath Enterprise version 7.24 including Specimen Processing


Week 2

Tuesday 28th July | 10:30

System Administration Workshop – WinPath V5

Audience: WinPath v5 system administrators
Speaker: Liam Griffin

A masterclass covering the common system administration housekeeping and system management processes.


Wednesday 29th July | 10:30

System Administration Workshop – WinPath Enterprise

Audience: WinPath Enterprise system administrators
Speaker: Liam Griffin

A masterclass covering the common system administration housekeeping and system management processes.


Thursday 30th July | 10:30

The value of migrating to WinPath Enterprise

Audience: All LIMS customers
Speaker: Sam Grobler

The benefits of WinPath Enterprise and why migrating from WinPath V5 and LabCentre is essential.


Friday 31st July | 10:30

CliniSys Integration Manager

Audience: All LIMS customers
Speaker: Stephen Mahoney

Enhanced integration via CliniSys Integration Manager.



Week 3

Tuesday 4th August | 10:30

PRM – The story so far at BSPS

Audience: All LIMS customers
Speaker: Denise Cook and Sarah-Jane Bainbridge

A case study: How Pathology Relationship Manager is delivering benefits for Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Service.


Wednesday 5th August | 10:30

Blood Sciences Workshop

Audience: Blood Sciences Customers
Speaker: Dominic Byrne

Handy hints & FAQs answered. Covering rules base;  common worklist management mistakes; and specimen container related issues.


Thursday 6th August | 10:30

Management Reporting Special Interest Group

Audience: LIMS System administrators
Speaker: Andrew Kirby

Discussion forum to understand management reporting challenges and to help direct future developments.


Friday 7th August | 15:30

Migrating to WinPath Enterprise

Audience: WinPath v5 & LabCentre customers
Speaker: Liam Griffin

Advice on how your migration to WinPath Enterprise can run smoothly.


Week 4

Tuesday 11th August | 10:30

ICE V7.1 Launch

Audience: All ICE customers
Speaker: Gerald Blair

An overview of the ICE development roadmap with a focus on the latest V7.1 release – new features.


Wednesday 12th August | 10:00

ICE Workshop

Audience: All ICE customers
Speaker: Gerald Blair

Handy hints & FAQs answered including common service desk issues. Recent Covid related developments and projects.


Thursday 13th August | 10:00

Blood Transfusion Workshop

Audience: Blood Transfusion customers
Speaker: Craig Hayes

Handy hints & FAQs answered including common service desk issues. Also cover: Blood contingency planning – impact on supply​ • Nottingham University Hospital case study​ – “Major Haemorrhage Activation, Against all odds” • PathManager – Red cell utilisation report​


Friday 14th August | 14:30

Microbiology Workshop

Audience: Microbiology customers
Speaker: Maria Di Stefano

A rules base master class • Introduction to Microbiology Dashboards


Week 5

Tuesday 18th August | 10:00

Cellular Pathology Workshop

Audience: Cellular Pathology Customers
Speaker: Bronwyn Prior

How to generate Histology management reports with PathManager • Referral Module configuration • Multi-site labs - Specimen Transfers


Wednesday 19th August | 10:00

Go Live in Lockdown – Delivering in adversity

Audience: All CliniSys customers
Speaker: Graham Danks

Black Country Pathology Services will share recent experiences in delivering and deploying a complex project during a pandemic. Covering the challenges & benefits of working remotely and revising working practices based on lessons learnt.


Thursday 20th August | 10:30

Clinical Letters – Special Interest Group

Audience: ICE system admin & Clinical letters users
Speaker: Darren Solomon

Discussion forum to understand customer requirements for ICE Clinical Letters to help direct future developments.


Week 6

Thursday 27th August | 10:00

Specimen Processing Demonstration

Audience: Cellular Pathology Customers
Speaker: Lee Webb

New module to track and trace multiple specimen derivatives; deliver specimen and derivative prioritization; enhanced integration with third party workflow and digital pathology solutions.



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